Shulzhenko Nikolai Grigorievich

Doc. Sci. (Eng.), Professor

Head of Department for Vibration and Thermal Strength


Shulzhenko Nikolai Grigorievich

Research areas

  • Developing advanced methods for solving problems in dynamics and strength of turbo machines and spatial structures
  • Developing and applying methods and means for vibration diagnostics of rotor machines
  • Developing methods for diagnostics of the thermal stresses and vibration state of power machinery and substantiating their life extension

Scientific biography

• 1968 - graduated from the Engineering-Physics Department of the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine; majored in mechanics and strength of machines. • Since 1968 - till present - with IPMash NAS of Ukraine in different research positions. • 1974 - defended a Cand. Sci. (Eng.) Thesis: Vibration analysis of high-speed flexible rotors mounted in journal bearings. • 1992 - defended a Doc. Sci. (Eng.) Thesis: Development of methods for computation and analysis of vibrations in the turbine - foundation system. • Deputy Director for Science Work of IPMash NAS of Ukraine (1996-2000) • Part-time Professor with Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy (1993 – till present) • Since 1996 - Head of Department for Vibration and Thermal Strength.

Professional societies

  • Engineering Academy of Ukraine Corresponding Member
  • Editorial board Member of the journals "Mechanical Engineering Problems" "Vibration in engineering and technology", "Vibration machines: measurement, reduction, protection"
  • Programme Council Member of the of excellence in technology flow machines European center created by the decision of the Brussels European Commission (Gdansk, Poland)
  • Member of two specialized councils for defense of doctoral dissertations
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics National Committee of Ukraine Member
  • Chairman of Dynamics and Strength Machines Scientific and Technical Council of IPMash NAS of Ukraine

Honors and Awards

  • State Committee of Science and Technology of USSR Diplomas (1977, 1980, 1986)
  • G.F.Proskura Kharkiv regional state administration scholarships in the area of science and technology (2002)
  • Laureate of G.F.Proskura National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the area of energy (2008)
  • Laureate of the State Award of Ukraine for Science and Technology (2008)

410 publications, including 5 monographs

Selected Papers:

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Trained eight Cand. Sci. (Eng.) and one Doc. Sci. (Eng.)