Tarelin Andrei Anatolievich

Cand. Sci. (Eng.)

Deputy Director for Scientific, Technical and Innovational Activities, Head of Department for Innovative Potential of Research

E-mail: tarel@ukr.net
Skype: andrey.tarelin
Phone: +38(050) 323 73 97

Tarelin A.A.

Research Areas

  • Dynamic strength of complex mechanical systems
  • Nonlinear vibrations in mechanical systems
  • Numerical methods of investigating the dynamics and strength of mechanical systems using FEM and MEM
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of developing innovation activities and commercialisation of scientific technologies
  • Theory and practice of integrating science and education

Scientific Biography

1987 – graduated from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Engineering Physics Faculty; majored in dynamics and strength of machines. 1990 - Junior Research Fellow at the Chair of Dynamics and Strength of Machines at KhPI. 1992-1993 – experimental research at the Vienna Technical university, Austria. 1998 – research in education issues at the Boston University, USA. 1999 - Senior Research Fellow at the Chair of Resistance of Materials at NTU KhPI. 2007 – till present – Head of Scientific and Education Department at IPMash NASU.

Professional Community

  • Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association for Business Incubators and Innovation Centres
  • Representative of the Council for International Research and Exchanges (IREX) in Eastern Ukraine


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