Department for Bladed Machinery

Calculation and design of flow parts of steam, gas and hydraulic power plants

    At the A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the NAS of Ukraine developed a method for the design of flow parts of steam, gas and hydraulic power plants, which uses mathematical models of different levels of difficulty, including calculation methods of viscous turbulent flows. Geometry of flow parts are constructed using analytical methods of profiling, initial data for which is a limited number of the parametric values. It is allows, on the one side, to reduce the design time, and the other - to provide a high level of aerohydrodynamic perfection of created structures.
   With the growing shortage of energy resources an important requirement for modern turbounits, is their high efficiency. Improving the efficiency of power plants is possible by gas-hydrodynamic improving of the flow parts and spatial profiling of blade system. The developed method allows providing a high level of efficiency of developed or modernized flow parts, reducing design time and experimental operational development power plants.
   Using the method was developed or modernized energetic machines of various purpose: turboexpander, the turbine at low boiling working fluid, medium pressure cogeneration turbine.

   Turbine of turboexpander MTDA-3,0-10,4-MP-U2 (manufacturer – PJSC "Turbogaz"). This is a single-stage turbine of radial-axial type. Its feature is that it works in wide range of variation operating parameters, because of what it is made with rotable stator blades. Depending on the operating mode the mass flow of the working fluid is twice changed, which leads to the presence of significant positive or negative angle of attack flow to the rotor blade. In spite of this, flow in the flow part is unseparated, and its internal efficiency exceeds 92% in the entire range of operating modes.
   Currently developed flow part is made (Fig. a), it is mounted on a turboexpander MTDA-3,0-10,4-MP-U2 in Timofeevskii oil gas condensate field in Hadiach city of Poltava region (Fig. b) and has been tested. Its results were confirmed all the declared characteristics.

Turboexpander MTDA-3,0-10,4-MP-U2

a – rotor

b – operational intallation

Operational intallation

100 kW turbine for cogeneration plant
Designed seven-stage axial miniturbine for cogeneration plant with rotation speed of 9000 rev/min and electric power of 100 kW.

Axial miniturbune
Axial miniturbune

Flow part of MPC of T-125/150-12,8 turbine

   Developed the medium-pressure flow part of new modification of T-125/150-12,8 series cogeneration turbine. There are more than 300 turbines of this series installed on the territory of the former USSR. Based on the computational research and analysis of the flow were identified measures to improve the gas-dynamic efficiency of the flow part. Total internal efficiency of the proposed new construction amounted 92.3%, which is 2.9% higher than in the initial version. At present is released engineering documentation and manufacturing of the turbine is in the process, end of which planned in 2015.
   The developed method of designing of flow parts of steam, gas and hydraulic power plants introduced or used in ZMBDB «PROGRESS named after academician A.G. Ivchenko» (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), SEGTSPC «ZORYA»-«MASHPROYEKT» (Nikolaev, Ukraine), JSC «LMZ» (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation), PJC «TURBOHOLOD» (Moscow, Russian Federation), PJSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» (Sumy, Ukraine), NPO «SATURN» (Rybinsk, Russian Federation), PJSC «MOTOR-SICH» (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), Alstom Power Elblag (Elblag, Poland), PJSC «TURBOGAZ» (Kharkov, Ukraine), PJSC «TURBOATOM» (Kharkov, Ukraine), LLC «KHARKOVTUBOINGENEERING» (Kharkov, Ukraine), LLC «NPO "DONVENTILJATOR"» (Kharkov, Ukraine), CJSC «UTW» (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation).