Department for General Research in Power Engineering

Software-information system for solving optimization and identification tasks for power units design and lapping

     The methodology and methods of identification of mathematical models of physical processes in power plants with qualitatively new software and information system are provided. It includes - an integrated environment, implemented in the form of model-software system that provides in a single information area multi-purpose and multi-level optimization problem solving to identify the parameters and characteristics of power plants of various purpose (steam turbine, gas turbines, aircraft engines, etc.) on the stage of their design and lapping.
     The composition of the model-software complex are: a mathematical model of the studied object; experimental results presented in numerical, graphical or software form; subsystem of optimization, that allows to search for optimal solutions on the base of modern mathematical methods; the archive of project design solutions; software and information interface, which provides links between system components.
     The complex is invariant with respect to the studied models. All problematic tasks, software and information interface, and optimization techniques are worked out in the form of dynamically linked libraries (dynamic link libraries (DLL)). DLL are implemented as executable modules containing ready-to-work procedures, functions, and (or) resources.
     Having adequate mathematical model allows to reduce the terms of lapping up to (10%), to eliminate a number of experimental studies up to (10-15%), and to obtain reliable information about the parameters and characteristics of the object under study as a whole and its individual components throughout the range of operation. In addition, the model can be used to obtain diagnostic information, the bearers of which are measurable parameters of the object.
     A distinctive feature of the proposed approach is a solution to the problem of parametric identification without any transformation of the mathematical model of the object, i.e., calculation of criteria for the identification, residuals, parameters and characteristics of the unit is carried out according to the same algorithm as in the actual design, maintaining traditional relationships and sequences. The algorithm of multi-criteria optimization, avoiding convolution additive criterion in selected criteria of quality that enables us to obtain the best value for each of the function of quality, rather than to improve one of them at the expense of others is developed.
     It is used in the design and lapping of power plants for different purposes (steam turbine, gas turbines, aircraft engines, and others.).

Structural scheme of the Optimum

The system implemented at the
State enterprise Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau "Progress"
named after Academician A.G. IVCHENKO and
is used in real design of aircraft gas turbine engines.

The tasks of identification of mathematical models of the engines AI-25TL,
D-136, D-436 modifications have been solved by this complex.

Maximum dimensionality:

- variated parameters 512;
- constraints on inequalities 512;
- constraints on equalities 256;
- quality criteria 10