#22 Department of Vibration and Thermostability Studies

Head of Department

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Principal Scientist

Natalia V. Smetankina

E-mail: nsmet@ipmach.kharkov.ua   nsmetankina@ukr.net

Deputy Head of Department

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Principal Scientist

Tetiana V. Protasova

full-time personnel:

Borys P. Zaitsev – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Principal Scientist, Professor

Serhii V. Ugrimov – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Principal Scientist

Pavlo P. Gontarovskyi – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Principal Scientist

Natalia G. Garmash – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Principal Scientist

Serhii Yu. Misiura – Candidate of Technical Science

Iryna I. Melezhyk – Candidate of Technical Sciences


The department was established in 1996 on the basis of the department of thermoelasticity and creep of machine parts, which was created in 1972 together with the creation of the Institute. Its main personnel at the time of creation were trained at the academic school Academician A.P. Filippov. Until 1996 the department was headed by Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.M. Pidhornyi. At present, there are 10 scientists in the department, including 3 Doctors of Technical Sciences and 6 Candidates of Technical Sciences. The results of scientific and applied researches of the department staff are reflected in monographs and numerous articles in scientific publications worldwide.

The most significant achievements of the department are as follows.

In 2001, N.V. Smetankina, S.V. Ugrimov, N.V. Dolgopolova became the winners of the President of Ukraine Award for young scientists for their work «Development of methods for designing multi-layered shock-resistant deflection of high-speed vehicles». In 2000, they also became prize-winners of the Award of Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and in 2003 they were awarded with the Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the best scientific work. N.V. Smetankina in 2003 was awarded the A.M. Pidhornyi Award and was honored by the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration in 2018.

In 2008 for the work «Diagnosis of the technical state of heat power units of high capacity» M. G. Shulzhenko, L. D. Metelev and V. I. Tsybulka got G. F. Proskura Award of Natioanal Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the field of energy. In the same year, Yu. M. Matsevyty, M.G. Shulzhenko, V.M. Goloshchapov, P.P. Gontarovsky, V.G.Dedov, A.O. Kostikov, A.V. Pavlenko, A.V. Rusanov, V.V.Solovey, V. I. Tsybulko became the winners of the State Award in the Field of Science and Technology for the cycle of works «Increasing the energy efficiency of the work of turbine plants of TPP and CHPP through modernization, reconstruction and improvement of their operation regimes».

Main scientific trends of research

  • Thermal strength of machine elements and equipment
  • Dynamics of constructions
  • Diagnostics and resource of rotary aggregates
  • Hydraulic elasticity of elements of machine-building constructions
  • Theory of layered plates and shells
  • Non-stationary thermal conductivity and thermoelasticity of layered structures
  • Contact problems of mechanics, an impact

Directions of fundamental research

Dynamics, strength and resource of power machines and rocket-and-space technology

  1. Development of computational and experimental methods for the diagnosis of vibration and energy resources of power machines and rocket-and-space technology with non-stationary heat and power loads
  2. Creation of mathematical models of creep of continuous media, taking into account the type of stress state, initial and deformation anisotropy, the nature of the damage and other factors
  3. Development of numerous methods for solving initial-boundary problems of thermomechanics based on the finite element method, explicit and implicit integration algorithms in time, taking into account physical and geometric nonlinearity, thermal contact interactions, heterogeneity and dependence of material properties on temperature and other factors
  4. Development of the method for calculating crack kinetics with creep based on the parameters of scattered material damage; 3D modeling of structures, including thin-walled elements, elements with composite structure under the influence of pulsed loading
  5. Development of models and methods of finite-element analysis of statics and dynamics of elastic bodies, containing defects such as cracks, taking into account the contact of their banks
  6. Development of methods and algorithms for calculation of strength and optimization of solenoid spiral shapes and layered structure, taking into account strength constraints and different temperature states
  7. Development of the multisite finite element method for solving the contact problems of the mechanics of a deformable body with cracks

Diagnosis of vibration and thermo-stressed states of machines and structures 

  1. Development and improvement of methods, technologies and means of analysis and diagnostics of technical condition of rotary aggregates for vibration parameters
  2. Development of methods of automated vibration diagnostics of rotary aggregates
  3. Development of methodology and algorithms for estimating the vibration and stress state of energy machine elements during seismic influences
  4. Development of the finite element method for the study of hydraulic oscillations of elements of machine-building constructions
  5. Strength and optimization of layered plates and shells
  6. Development of theories and methods for solving problems of non-stationary fluctuations of multilayered structures
  7. Development of methods for solving thermal conductivity and thermoelasticity of layered structures
  8. Development of analytical-numerical methods for solving static and dynamic contact problems

Areas of applied research

  1. Methodical and hardware support of automated systems of vibration diagnostics of rotary aggregates
  2. Dynamics of spatial structures of machines and apparatuses
  3. Calculation of strength and durability of elements of steam turbines and internal combustion engines
  4. Calculation of oscillations and strength of elements of hydraulic systems
  5. Calculations on strength and optimization of toroidal electrophysical installations
  6. Dynamics and strength of systems of elements of rocket-and-space technology
  7. Estimated residual energy of power machines and constructions
  8. Development of the theory, methods and programs for determining the static and dynamic characteristics (taking into account the influence of the fluid) on the elements of the structures of the hydro turbines
  9. The technology of a bird simulator manufacturing for the testing of products of structural optics for birdsharing
  10. Development of a complex of mathematical methods for calculation and optimal design of multilayer road coverings of non-rigid type
  11. Development of a method and a package of programs for calculation of forced fluctuations of bearing structures of hydroturbines taking into account hydropulsion
  12. Development of methods for increasing the safety of impact-resistant deflection with electric heating for high-speed vehicles (airplanes, railway locomotives, high-speed vessels)

Applied research

  1. Estimated researches of thermal and thermo-stressed states and estimation of the resource of high-temperature elements of steam turbines at work on different modes
  2. Estimation of fracture resistance of elements of machine-building constructions at multi-mode loading taking into account abnormal loading modes
  3. Numerous modeling of thermomechanical processes in structures in the presence of deformations of plasticity and creep taking into account the variables of thermosetting influences, contact conditions of elements, material properties and other factors. Further expansion of the capabilities of a three-dimensional finite-element software complex for solving thermocontact problems and dynamics problems
  4. Estimated vibration assessment and dynamic strength of elements of aerospace systems under power and aerodynamic loads. Investigation of separation processes using pyrotechnic devices
  5. Estimated studies of the stress-strain state and internal oscillations of the working wheels and details of the mechanism of rotation of the rotary-shovel and radial-axial hydroturbines, taking into account the impact of cracks on the strength and vibration characteristics
  6. Investigation of the stress-strain state of the diaphragms of steam turbines, taking into account the contact resistance, and the effect on it of damages such as cracks in the blade apparatus
  7. Investigation of contact elements of structures, taking into account possible defects
  8. Estimation of fracture, vitality and loss of stability of structures under dynamic load
  9. Estimated research of parameters of vibration and load of elements of power machinery in seismic influences
  10. Strength analysis and optimal design according to the strong criteria of solenoid and coils of various types, taking into account the stratification of the composite structure of current-bearing elements
  11. Estimation of stressed-deformed, quasi-static and dynamic states of rotating rotors with contacting cracks
  12. Analysis of the process of collecting and disassembling drill bits drill bits with induction heating.
  13. Software and mathematical support of balancing rotors of turbine generators in accelerating and balancing booth
  14. Program-methodical provision of data visualization of vibromonitoring for vibration parameters for operational analysis of turbine aggregates vibration
  15. Vibration monitoring, analysis and diagnostics of powerful turbine units
  1. Development and creation of specialized devices for non-destructive testing to assess the technical condition of the parameters of oscillation of rotating and non-return parts of mechanisms
  2. Development of modern high-precision methods for determining the static and dynamic state of structures of hydro turbines
  3. The method of numerous solution of the problem of determining the frequencies and forms of eigenvalues ​​of structures interacting with water
  4. The technology of a bird simulator manufacturing for the testing of products of structural optics for birdsharing
  5. Development of methods for calculation and optimal design of non-rigid type multilayer road coverings
  6. Estimation of resource and diagnostics of welded structures of hydroturbines in conditions of stable and transitional regimes
  7. Creation of a complex of methods for the analysis of strength and optimal design of impact-resistant deflection with electric heating for high-speed vehicles


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Dynamics of constructions

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